PixelFinder is perfect for new game box PS3 and XBOX360.

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We will update this web page to indicate the most recent changes in this web site. We will keep up with all the news publication about the company or the products by the company.


MPG-099 Pixel|Finder has been praised highly by a very popular technical magazine PCDIY and Editor'sChoice award.


  • A new product  has jointed the ContentSafe family, a 2.5" hard disk drive portable version, as new arrival designed for people on the move. ContentSafe, USB2 based PIN  based self-contained security disk product is a better choice in delivering digital information protection than Seagate secured hard drive.
  • ContentSafe  current customers, government agencies and  banking industry, etc. enjoys the tough to break portable secured data storage as well as the integration of the product to the organization wide security policy implementation.


    Several of Transcom products has attracted many enthusiastic followers in Computex 2006, Taipei, Taiwan. The followings are the pictures of Transcom Partners:


    Transcom has attended the 2006 CeBIT in Hannover Germany. The booth located at Hall 25 F83/1 has attracted professionalsn and traders, distributor, and local folks alike. The products of Transcom demonstrated at the exhibits exciting and eventually was reported on the CeBIT News, the official CeBIT daily news for the event. There were all together 2 articles about Transcom both were printed at the very accessible spots namely the first page after the cover for TV Sidekick III, and the index page for PixelFinder.

    When the MicroSoft XBOX360 development team leader passed by the booth hosts the PixelFinder in CES 2006, he was surprised to see the XBOX was on the display with two monitor attached to it - one with PixelFinder one just the XBOX360 optional VGA cable. The color spectrum and the size of the view are very different. He then took a picture of the image shown below and indicated that he will pass the word around that PixelFinder with XBOX 360's YPbPr cable delivers excellent image quality and should be a good accessory to XBOX360 for HD gameing and playing. The pictures of the two images: the one on the left straight out of XBOX360 with VGA cable, the one on the right image produce via PixelFinder,

    PixelFinder performs not only video format conversion, in 2006 CeBIT, it has been demonstrated also as an extremely powerful debug tool for high definition gears. Taking advantage of the measuring the input signal and output resolution, Mikael Hansson of MEDIUS  at Hall24 D20 was able to square away difficulty he encountered when he tried to use the YPbPr cable for HDTV output from the Nvidia Geforce 6600 as a part of his product. Mikael struggled several days tries to find out what has gone wrong with the YPbPr output, he eventually stopped by Transcom booth in Hall 25 F83/1  to ask for the help of a PixelFinder. The first attempt to configure the Geforce 6600 for HD output has turned out fruitless, Mikael set the output to be D3 but the output continued to be in black and white and  was of D1 esolution according to the measurement by PixelFinder. Few attempts later, Micheal gave up and indicated a Nvidia engineer should be brought in to find out what has gone wrong. The next day, Mikael called on Transcom to help again. A PixelFinder was brought to Mikael's booth. Nvidia engineer struggled a few times and PixelFinder continued to indicated the output was not right despite the fact that the image became color in some attempts. With information provided by PixelFinder, Nvidia engineers eventually recalled a crucial step has missed. He then proceed to make the change and PixelFinder confirm that indeed the output was in HD indeed. He then changed the HD from D3 to D4 and observed on the measurement result changed from D3 to D4 to conclude the configuration problem. At the end, Mikael pointed out that the image converted from YPbPr  signal in D4 was identical to the DVI output directly  from Geforce 6600 to the monitor. He did not realize that he just made a strongest compliment ever to the product that PixelFinder's process did not create any degradation when dealing with progressive images.

  • The versatility of the TV Sidekick III has attached the attention of the CeBIT News and reported on March 13, 2006. See the attached images of the issue.
  • To bring the exciting products to the people who missed the CES, Transcom spares nothing and bring along more exciting products to 2006 CeBIT show. Transcom is at Hall 25 Booth 83/2.

    After the record setting attendants in the CES show, and a large number of requests of the demands of the products. AVI has recently make available the direct sale of PixelFinder. A web visitor can now place order directly on the company web site.     (Jan. 12, 2006)

    During the 2006 CES, AVI booth in the Sands Convention has been visited by a number of major medias USA Today, CBS News, and a great number of flat medias. The theme of 2006 CES is high definition. PixelFinder, being a high definition gadget for transforming a computer monitor into a high definition TV monitor, has apparently captures the attention it deserves. (2006 CES, Las Vegas) 

    Microsoft XBOX test program manager Mr. Hall has visited the AVI’s booth in the CES show. Mr. Paul Haul has been impressed with the PixelFinder and indicated that Microsoft should be able to benefit from AVI’s effort a great deal and to allow XBOX 360 high definition output find an affordable rendering device. The combination of the PixelFinder and a computer monitor are just perfect for every one. (9AM, Jan 8, 2006 at 2006 CES, Las Vegas) 

    A major Apple reseller in the Minnesota has been surprised by the PIxelFinder’s cabai;ity to transform an Apple monitor to be a HDTV monitor. Mr. Evans, the product manager from the firstTech Computer, was amazed by the sight that an Apple A1080 was working happily with a Microsoft XBOX360. The apple monitor rendered the HD video brilliantly from the XBOX360 with its 1600x1050 resolution and superb color spectrum. Such transformation allow an apple computer monitor A1080 bring out the best of XBOX 360 and truly shows what an apple can do in the high definition image rendering. Mr. Even further indicated that with the PixelFinder’s VGA input and DVI output, the apple monitor can now be used with any PC in addition to Macintosh computers.           (4:30PM, Jan 7, 2006 at 2006 CES, Las Vegas) 

    NEC European’s market expert, Mr. Vodermair, the Sales Manager of NEC Deutschland GmbH, was stopped by a handsome setup in the AVI boot in the CES 2006. The setup was a NEC LT170 projector delivering high definition content on a tripod despite the fact that LT170 is hardly a HD projector. With the aid of PixelFInder, the LT170 has raised so many eye browses of the passersby. He talked to the booth workers and expressed strong interest in making PixelFinder available to his customers.          (4:30PM, Jan 7, 2006 at 2006 CES, Las Vegas)

    One of the Japan’s largest hardware distributor Princeton has visited AVI’s booth and was impressed by the PixelFinder. Princeton’s CEO Mr. Ikeda accompanied by Mr. Masuzawa along with others had long conversation with AVI’s president over the subject of the changes the PixelFinder will bring about in the HD era. Mr. Ikeda also request AVI to setup contacts with Princeton for business.       (CES 2006, Las Vegas)

    Transcom and AVI just announced a new product PixelFinder in the 2006 CES show and had attracted the largest audience in in the Sand Convention Center, the innovation area of the CES exhibits. 2006 CES show centered its theme on High Definition (HD). Transcom and AVI announced its PixelFinder which has been praised by some of the attendants of the show as the most useful and sophisticated HD technology presented in the 2006 CES show. The announcement of the PixelFinder coincided with other HD related events has resonated with the theme among the show goers. Toshiba announced the arrival of the HD DVD. Sony emphasizes its effort in the HD video.  The exhibits of the PixelFInder clearly demonstrated the PixelFinder's cabaility to transform computer monitors and projectors into high definition. (Jan. 8, 2006)

    High Definition TV is upon us and most of us are not really ready for it. With the new product from Transcom/AvI, anyone with a DVI equipped computer monitor would be ready for it. This newly available product from Transcom especially coincides with the soon-to-be-available new game boxes from major players in the industry such as MicroSoft XBOX 360 and SONY's PS3 to allow game player to enjoy the optimum visual experiences enabled by these powerful game boxes. Detailed announcement will be made on September 1, 2006
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    Transcom New Line of Products, Image Relay, will be available for the market. This Image Relay can be used in the situations where security is called for, situations where contents such as TV programs and Pre-recorded images/movies can be enjoyed over distances.
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    Transcom New Line of Products, ContentSafe, is available for the market. This Digital Safe MPG061-25 uses a fingerprint reader  to prevent unauthorized user from access the content in the disks that has been protected by the unit. A disk is protected by the unit when a new disk is placed in the unit and going through the format procedure.
    Need More Information Please see  Transcom & AVI New Item 5
    TV Sidekick III is available is available. TV sidekick III is a high quality  Digital TV receiver for DVBT with a USB 2 interface. TV Sidekick III is ideal a notebook and a PC available in the market today.
    Need More Information Please see  Transcom & AVI New Item 4
    TV Sidekick II is the most verstaile TV box for a notebook and a PC available in the market today.
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     Memory Depot has been praised in the most recent PMA Digest.
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    Transcom & Advanced Video Inc. announce a series of new products for the coming Christmas season 200.
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    New products announcements
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