PixelFinder is perfect for new game box PS3 and XBOX360.

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Q: What does high definition video imply?

A: High definition video means different video image in different era from TV history perspective. In the context of current years, high definition video images mean that the video image is better than D3 or 1080i. From the lines per frame point of view, the HD video is 720 lines and up.

Q: Can this product convert the video output from a DVD player to be high definition video?

A: The product allows a user to use the computer monitor as a High Definition TV monitor; therefore it accepts high definition video sources but would not be able to change the video source – a regular DVD player is a D1 resolution player, its video image can not be upgraded to D2 or above.

Q: Can this product uses with a old non LCD monitor?

A: Yes, even the CRT monitor of yester years has resolution of 800 x 600 or better. The device accepts the HD video image and scales it to the resolution of the monitor.

Q: Can I use PixelFinder with an old computer?

A: Yes. Actually this is one of benefit of the product. You can upgrade your monitor for the purpose of playing HD game boxes while functions as your computer monitor without the worry that your old computer may have to upgrade the VGA card with a new and most likely pricy one in order to use the new monitor.

Q: What does it do for me if I have a new computer and a new monitor?

A: For a very good reason. Why waste the high resolution in your new computer monitor. With HD game boxes and HD DVD players bursting into the scene on the street, you should get this product to utilize your abundant pixels to enjoy the new visual experience. The computer monitor comes, typically, with a VGA port and a DVI port some times. Neither port can support the HD video input. If you want to enjoy the HD game box such as PS3 which sends out 720p video signal and other HD video signals, your new monitor would not do you any good. In order to enjoy the games in its HD native resolution, you either go to buy a pricy HDTV or to use the S-video port to play the game in 480i resolution. Even a game box equipped with VGA port as XBOX 360, the VGA port will not help much in delivering 720p image to your monitor, because your VGA port only supports image signal that is VESA compliant, and 720p is not.

Q: What if I only care about computer application, would PixelFInder do me any good?

A: Yes. This product helps you to overcome the problem when you want to either upgrade your computer or your monitor. More often than not, you either have to buy a new VGA card to match your existing monitor or you have to buy a new monitor to match your new VGA port. Sometimes, you may have problem to find a new VGA card for your existing computer because VGA card also has CPU compatibility issue. New computer also has the similar issue, like a very fine computer monitor from Apple, in order to use this monitor you have to have a VGA card that is build from a particular chip set and with the right resolution.

Q: What benefit do I get from having PixelFinder if I don’t have a computer monitor now?

A: If you want to enjoy HD content such as HD games or HD movie, you have to buy a TV that can receive HD signals. Hence, we are talking about if to get a HD TV or a LCD TV that is equipped with HD video interface. With YPbPr on the product which is the most popular and the least common denominator among all TV sets that support HD, you only have to pay for a computer monitor and this product with a fraction of the cost in comparison to get a HD TV or a large screen LCD TV.

Q: Do I need to unplug PixelFinder from a PC in order to use the HD video source?

A: No. The product can be set up simultaneously with a HD video source and a computer via both popular input interfaces namely YPbPr and VGA. You only have to push a button labeled PC/Video to switch between being a HD TV monitor or a PC monitor.

Q: Can I use PixelFinder with current DVD player?

A: Yes, if the DVD player is equipped with YCbCr color differential connector. They are also high definition DVD player that plays non HD DVD but is capable of delivering 700p.

Q: They are also high definition standard descriptions such as 480i, 480p, 1080i, 720p, and 1080p. What are they?

A: They are high definition standard terminology as well. D1 is 480i implies 480 lines & interlaced, D2 is 480p implying 480 lines progressive. D1 and D2 can have 4:3 or 16:9 aspects and are not considered high definition video per se. See chapter 4 on high definition video standard for details.

Q: How do the interlaced and progressive differ from each other?

A: Interlaced or progressive are only meaningful in the TV video arena.  TV pictures are created by an electron beam that traces the screen from left to right, top to bottom in the traditional TV. A 'scan line' is a single left-to-right line made by the beam. In a standard NTSC signal, for example, there are 525 scan lines (only 480 of them visible to a user). Interlaced pictures are drawn in two passes: one for odd scan lines, one for even scan lines which are called odd field or even field for a single frame of image. Progressive pictures are drawn in a single pass frame by frame, and tend to be sharper.


Q: Can this product be used with a PC?

A: Yes, when the VGA port of your PC is capable of sending out HD images like D3 or D4, it is very likely that your computer monitor may have difficulty to accept it or accept it with unpredictable results where blank areas, or image truncation on display may be introduced. A computer monitor follows a VESA standard and D3 or D4 video signals are not VESA standard. With the product, the non-VESA standard images coming out of a PC will be transformed into the best resolution that the computer monitor can support.

Q: Can I use a low resolution computer LCD monitor to watch D3, D4, or D5 video content?

A: Yes, the product utilizes the best resolution of a computer to display HD video source.


Q: What are the HD video sources available today?

A: A  street version of XBOX supports some HD games already. Microsoft launches  XBOX 360 XE "XBOX 360" sales in November 2005 in the USA, and in early December in Europe and Japan. The great majority of the XBOX 360 games are HD in D3 and D4. Sony announces PS3 to rival XBOX360 and is planned to hit the markets in mid 2006. Other video source can be from high definition media player such as Toshiba’s HD DVD burner, PC and HD media player. There are also progressive DVD player can produce image in the neighborhood of D4 such as Sony's or4 JVC’s high end progressive DVD players. Although the video source on these high end progressive player regular DVD, they produce a much superb video image then regular DVD player and they can not be used with a regular TV. The internet is also a rich source of the HD video files that can be played on a PC.

Q: XBOX 360 has a VGA port and optionally a VGA cable do I still need the product to use a computer monitor?

A: Yes, in most cases. Note that the operative word here is “optionally” which means that you can do it but not necessarily optimize the use of your computer monitor. If the result for a XBOX Classic (the current street version) adaptation to VGA is any indication, this VGA cable will not be able to handle the HD image from XBOX 360 properly. Not only this VGA approach is limited in resolutions supported, but also only selected few monitors can handle those resolutions. Even for those monitors can take on those limited resolutions, there is no guarantee that the image will be displayed truncation free. It is hard to image any XBOX360 XE "XBOX360" . It is expected that XBOX 360 won’t be able to handle the scaling on the majority of monitors, if not all, properly.

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